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Home Buying Process

We'll guide you through the minefield

We have developed a simple ten step process to help you navigate this minefield!
Click on the headings to learn more about each and every step.

  • Save for Down Payment

    You don't need 20% down payment. We work with lenders who offer conventional loans with as little as 3% down, or even 0% down with VA or USDA.

  • Get Your Credit Score

    Once a year you can get your full credit report directly from all three credit reporting agencies for free.

  • Find a Realtor

    Once you know what type of home you want and can afford, find a local Realtor®, who will guide you through the rest of the process.

  • Get Pre-Approved

    Your Realtor® will help you find Lenders to get the bet possible financing and get you pre-approved for a loan.

  • Go Home Shopping

    Let your Realtor® know what you want, and what you need in your new home. Your Realtor® will show you houses that meet your criteria.

  • Make an Offer

    Your Realtor® will help your offer stand out by finding the right price to offer and putting contingencies to mitigate risks.

  • Attorney Review

    When the offer is accepted, your Realtor® will help you find qualified Attorney, who in turn will review (and if everything checks out) approve the contract.

  • Home Inspection

    When the contract is approved, your Realtor® will help you arrange a home inspection, to ensure there are no issues with your new home.

  • Home Appraisal

    Your Realtor® will work with your Lender to arrange an appraisal and ensure that the bank provides funding for the offered price.

  • Closing

    Your Realtor® will coordinate with all parties to ensure the transaction closes promptly. On closing day you sign all the paperwork and get the keys to your new home.

New Listing Alerts

Be the first to see new properties on the market!

We will setup listing alerts for you, and notify you when properties meeting your search criteria hit the market.

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