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Selling Real Estate

We have developped robust process that will optimize your selling experience. Using real estate market analysis, solid prepration and massive exposure, we will minimize the time your property will be on the market and maximize your proceeds.

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  • Real Estate Market Analysis

    Our property evaluation model takes into account much more than just the traditional Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) used by other agents for setting a price tag on you home.

  • From thoughtful staging, through professional video and photography, we will make your house stand out from competion, sell fast and maximize your profits.

  • Beyond just the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we have developed a system for creating massive online and offline exposure for your house.

  • While most agents provide passive exposure through the MLS, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile actively advertising your house to prospective buyers.

  • With a dedicated team of professionals and proven process in place, we provide the best service and guidance on every step of your house selling journey.

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The Real Estate Buying & Selling Process explained.

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We have an arsenal of marketing tools at our disposal. And we're not afraid to use them!


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